Oops, you found me. This is me, Staffan Öfwerman from Stockholm, Sweden. Used to be a full time musician recording and touring all over the world back in the days and now I'm only playing around with music in my spare time. I do adds during the day and in my spare time I also play around with a lot of stuff on the internet when I come up with something new. My head is filled with some great ideas.
I have also been running a Food Truck in Stockholm with my girlfriend. We built the truck all on our own. But we sold it since there were too many trucks in this small city and too many with bad quality, so we sold it.

This is just a storage space for some of my projects and nothing at all for you out there. But below you'll find a list of some of my web sites I've done for others or sites that I play around with. Maybe you can find something you like.


UP OR DOWN Get my great Forex Trading tips for free.
Actually it's sooo easy being rich while you are sleeping. I am helping friends and family and others to get started. And you don't need to know anything at all.
NATTUGGLORNA (In swedish only) Sveriges bästa look-alike-show. Me doing a show as a singer.
GRAND POP STATION One of my bands. Here I'm the lead singer and songwriter.
MAILKATALOGEN Mailadresser på ett lite smartare sätt (en sida som jag startade och som rullar på av sig själv)
UPPLEVELSEVERKET A little hobby project webshop I am running. Some great products for a great price. Actually I earn almost nothing from this. Just some great products.
MANOVER MUSIC My own record company and publishing company.
LOST IDOLS Whatever happened to your idols? My first web page.
SHOCK THE MONKEY Brand new Peter Gabriel Tribute show (I'm the lead singer and founder here).


ROADTRIP A little travel blog that is supposed to be updated when we go on vacation.


LAVIN My son, Hampus and his friends Martin and Anders. Great band.
STEPZ My daughter, Jackie, is co-owner and founder of this dance school.